Smiles Make Sounds – Wishing Fountain

Once upon a time in a faraway land where fairies and goblins and gnomes roamed the hills, a tiny girl with a tiny dream created a fountain of treasures. Her fountain was woven of vines and flowers, glow sticks and glitter, butterflies and love. In this fountain, she placed her most treasured of items – and wished only that others would do the same. “Love an item, take an item, leave an item” – an experiment in community give and take. For the tiny girl with the tiny dream knew that in her magical world of friendship and sparkles, all of the creatures would respect and build upon her whimsical creation. And as the fountain stood, its bounty grew. And as its bounty grew – community love did, too. Because (as she had always suspected) Smiles Make Sounds, and love grows with art from the heart.


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