White Orchid Cove

A Priestess of the Warriors’ Way.

tarot.tats is a tarot reader and installation artist. Each year of Lucidity she has created dedicated themed installments in appearing in different places at the festival from the lounge at the Lucid Stage to the Healing Sanctuary and most notably the Warriors’ Way.

tarot.tats works to create a distinct space with a sharply unique and delicate aesthetic in line with the energy and theme of each different event. Installations of this nature were never build to last, they are built with the freehand precision like origami cursive. They are tended to daily kept poised like an enormous bonsai garden. They have a span of life of their own from their arrangement to their dismantling; gifts are taken and gifts are given. tarot.tats has yet to put away an installation that was left in its complete set nor has she taken down an installation that did have extra pieces added to it by a passerby.

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