Amy Loschiavo

Amy Loschiavo is a studio artist specializing in wood stain paintings. Graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Fine Arts Program with masters-level educational experience in Clinical Art Therapy. She has studied the connection that art creates between the viewer and the artist and has experienced the raw transformational power that art possesses both in creation and through art viewing.

Inspired by her vivid dreams and spiritual visions, she creates surreal dreamscapes to evoke emotion, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. She uses the transparency of wood stain to bring out the natural beauty of Mother Nature’s finger prints (wood grain) to further display the concept of oneness within all things. Amy’s intention is to encourage deep internal reflection, inspire self-growth and healing, and strengthen the bond between human beings through common experiences and topics that we all feel and encounter. These paintings are focused around fear, love, death, body image, spiritual growth, and the simplicity as well as complexities of life. She is inspired by the idea of taking what you see and feeling it in your body. She strives to push past what is just a “beautiful painting” or “awe-inspiring detailed work” and to bring art viewing into the realm of healing with attention to the uniqueness of each being, built upon the idea that healing must come in many different shapes and sizes.

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