Brandon Stiles

Brandon Incarnated January 12th 1991, making him a Capricorn of stubborn persistence. He came here with a purpose, like we all do. His purpose is to be free, in a reality of freewill. His purpose is to inspire, and be inspired as we bring about a more beautiful world through heartfelt, collective creativity. Our purpose is to love & grow each day.

Creativity granted him solace through his 26 years of earthly trials. The same energy gives him hope for a brighter future. This future is possible, as long as it can be conceptualized. Art and good friends helped him endure the monotony of the gradual indoctrination system. In fact the pursuit of beauty has been an overarching theme through all his major life choices.

After being freed from the work force training camp, there was little left of his playful, imaginative and childlike self. There was little passion is his life other than the will to create and expand upon those creative capacities. Graphic design seemed to be a decent artistic outlet, with some modicum of monetary gain.

Through college he was able to expand his creative capacities and make lots of great friends! Yet marketing and full- time computer gazing were a turn off, so back to the raw mediums of wood, canvas, paint & clay he went.

Thus! He was inspired, to play with wire, after seeing its potential in the craft of a few beautiful light beings. Brandon hasn’t quit twisting since.

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