Jessica Perlstein

Jessica Perlstein is a visionary artist based out of San Francisco, CA.  Her biggest inspirations involve music, travel, and observing and working closely with nature.  These have all led her towards her artistic path that she is on today, and to the thriving underground electronic music and dance culture in the Bay Area.  Here she was able to bridge her passion with art with her other passion of music through the act of live painting.  She also became heavily inspired and influenced by the growing visionary art movement that is an intrinsic part of the music and festival culture.  Through visionary art, she has been able to deliver her messages of interconnectedness with all things in nature, and the ambition to inspire by living life as an example of all that we can be.  She carries a strong message of taking action towards respecting a thriving planet and the resulting reality we can create when we choose to be aware of our symbiotic relationship with nature.  Her latest work emphasizes a movement toward environmental sustainability, merging ecological technologies and innovations within our current society to illustrate a thriving community.

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