Logan Walden

LOGAN WALDEN is from a rural town near Cincinnati, OH. He was brought up in a creative environment by a father who painted wildlife and a mother determined to expose her sons to as many creative outlets as possible. Art, crafts, music, dance, travel, comedy, and many hours spent in nature was routine.

Upon graduating film school in 2006 Logan worked in the film industry for 6 years throughout Florida and California. He’s worked on major motion pictures like Transformers 3, reality shows like The Bachelor, and music videos for artists such as Tiesto and The Black Keys.

2010 proved to be a year of change for Logan as he explored the artistic world of Music and Art Festivals. The new level of art performed by the visual artists inspired Logan to transition from film to a career in art. In 2012 Walden made the leap from Los Angeles to his home town in Ohio to study under his father using acrylics. Landing a design job for an ad agency came quicker than expected and Logan began working as a professional graphic designer. Within 3 years of designing by day and painting by night, Logan broke into the live-art scene when Essential Productions invited him to paint at a local concert. Since 2013 Logan has been a graphic designer, art director, live painter, gallery artist/coordinator and installation builder in various shows throughout the country.

Festival Locations:

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