Rebecca Holland

Rebecca began sketching and painting and selling drawings at a very young age. As a child she admired most the work of Rembrandt and Moran because of their use of light. She fell in love with the redwood forest above the ocean where she lives, painting the light on the ocean, the hills and the sunrays shining through the trees. As a young painter, she traveled with other artists, part of the “pegboard revolution”. Later she showed in large galleries on Fisherman’s Wharf, in Las Vegas and in La Haina, painting deserts and tropical scenes. Along the way, she did Rock Art, T-shirts and backdrops, her best known work is the album cover for Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and the Crazy Horse logo from the Rust Never Sleeps tour.Now her work is available on her website and at her studio in Half Moon Bay. She paints light wherever she goes and people see and feel the style that has been called “Magic Light”. The beauty of nature and our need for it is universal, perhaps never more needed than now, and is a joy to share. You can visit the virtual studio at and at Facebook/RebeccaHollandStudio.

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