Smiley Riley

Riley A. Polek- Davis or as everyone knows her, Smiley Riley. Riley is a 23 year old silly jelly bean ball of light made of technicolored abundance. A psychedelic contemporary artist hyper focused on the divine feminine. She is absolutely obsessed with the limitless potential & expansion of color and dimensional art. Polek’s craft is not only erotic/sensual, but pushes the boundaries between reality and surrealism. She works to not only worship the Goddess, but to shed light on the sexiness and POWER within the female form. As an artist, Riley preaches self awareness, acceptance, self love, and sexuality. Her art makes her feel sexy, because of this, she wants her art to make others feel sexy, in control, & confident in their desires. She wants the art to turn you on, while flipping your brain inside out and back again.

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