Vajra is a self-taught visionary artist from Southern California drawing inspiration from across cultures, space and time. His art is a synthesis of timeless knowledge, contemporary aesthetics and his own unique vision. Since he was a child Vajra was mesmerized by the dazzling beauty and complexity of life and equally distraught by its destruction. It is this fierce love that motivates him as an artist – his brush is moved by the joy and sorrow of our planet.

Through his art he shares his philosophy and knowledge spanning fields ranging from ancient civilizations to zero-point energy. He approaches the creative process with bodhisattvic intention so that all work, light or dark, be created for the betterment of all beings; that we may better understand ourselves and how together we can create the world we’ve always known was possible.

Each painting begins with a story, which Vajra tells as wholly as possible in a language beyond words. While he openly shares the narrative behind the vision, he also invites you to reflect upon and interpret each artwork—its themes and imagery—through your own lens, for your own highest good. May his art find a place at the altar of your heart. For the stories behind the art, visit

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