Creating Your Personal Mythology

A CreativeWorks Offering

The Lucidity Festival has always been a conscious journey toward making the world a better place. This collective trajectory is created from thousands of individual stories. The more harmonious the voices, the more we can sing together the song of Eudamonia, or humanity flourishing. Your voice in the world matters now more than ever. What world do you want to live in? What story do you want to tell the world with your life?

Join Master CreativeWorks Instructor Dave Zaboski and the talented Art Temple Crew on a very special Lucid Journey into your own Personal Mythos. Through artful experiences in creativity, collaboration and self-discovery you will cultivate powerful practices guiding you toward your life’s calling and deepening your ability to live a life of service and purpose. We will track the Lucidity Mythos from your individual beginning to your part intricately interwoven into the collective’s, thus writing a New Story that makes you an ambassador for Eudamonia for your community and for the world.

  • Learn practices to turn thoughts into things with ease and grace
  • Know yourself more perfectly with everything you do
  • Connect personally to the chapters of Lucidity’s Story
  • Make Art, Feel Free and revel in a world of Infinite Possibilities at the amazing Art Temple
  • Learn deep collaboration as a pathway to personal excellence
  • Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Act, Dance, and Be the best version of you
Leave the mundane behind and embark on your own Hero’s Journey. Develop a rich mythological understanding of your life and its purpose for the greater good.

Discover your Personal Mythology

Joseph Campbell said, of dreams and myths, “Myths are public dreams; Dreams are private myths”. While Lucidity has been weaving a beautiful myth of personal and collective transformation over the past six years, there has also been an invitation to dream awake your own mythos — your unique story — the great narrative of You! In this course, you will go on an archetypal journey in search of your personal mythology.

Create in Multiple Mediums

This course is not about one particular modality of art, instead it is about creativity in general and how art plays a vital role in the stories we tell and participate within. As such, you will practice and play with many forms of creative expressions, including painting, drawing, sculpting, acting, performing, dancing, writing, and more.

Learn from a Master

One of the most attractive thing about this course is the instructor. Dave Zaboski is more than an artist, more than a storyteller, more than a teacher… he is truly a creative master. His mentorship is invaluable, his energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and his skills have been honed over many decades of committed practice and discovery. Learn more about his background in the bio below.

Meet the Instructor(s) For the Week

  • Dave Zaboski

    Dave Zaboski has lived a creative life. He was a Senior Animator with Disney, Sony and Warner Bros. during the Second Golden Age of Animation contributing his artistry to Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fantasia 2000 and others.

    Dave is a classically trained painter who has co-created several internationally published children’s books with luminous authors Dr. Ken and Maddy Dychtwald, and the legendary Dr. Deepak Chopra. He speaks regularly about the magic of creativity, innovation and collaboration and has taught collaborative creativity to entrepreneurs, educators, artists and others at world renown retreat centers Esalen, Summit, Rancho La Puerta, Singularity University, UCLA, USC, Art Center College of Design, The Animation Workshop and more.

    Dave was the West Coast Champion of Art Battles, a gladiatorial art competition between street artists for live art supremacy, has been the Expedition Artist in search of a Lost Temple in the Andes, painted for the Dalai Lama and directed the short animated film for the Lucidity festival last year. He is a sought after live painter at popular music festivals like Youtopia, Lucidity and Lightning in a Bottle, where he curates the Art Temple – an experiential, hands on, community based artistically collaborative self expression Temple with live model art classes taught by professional artists.

    Dave lives with his wife Robin, their daughter Grace and a small menagerie on a ranchette in Southern California where he paints and draws daily.