Monica Merino

As an adventure sport enthusiast and long time weekend warrior Monica knows first hand about sports and overuse injuries. With over 500 hours of training and 5 years experience as a massage therapist she uses her intuition and knowledge to  hone in on the areas most in need of release. She can go very deep where needed using slow and methodical strokes to allow you and your muscles to relax. She is also in tune with nutrition and natural health. She has in depth knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy. She has been practicing reiki for 2 years and  loves utilizing crystal therapy.


  • Aromatherapy: Gem, Flower or Herb Essence
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reiki

Healing Description

A combination of deep tissue massage and energy work. I can also do a more relaxing massage and I do my best to stay in tune with how much pressure is needed to ensure comfort and relaxation.

Festival Locations:

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