Mos Jef

Mos Jef is a Master-Level certified practitioner and teacher of the Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as a certified Theta healer and sound healer. He’s attended the Sophia School of Living Arts, the T.H.I.N.K. Institute and the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, and has been holding space as a healer and workshop facilitator both internationally and in the transformational festival circuit for the last 5 years. He currently holds a private practice in Nevada City, California.


  • Access Consciousness
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

It’s my understanding that a true healer is a healer of self, that there is nothing stronger than our own consciousness when concerned with matters of body, soul and spirit. I help others with guidance and support to empower themselves to become the driving force of their own healing. Accessing and releasing an entire lifetime’s worth of trauma from one’s energetic and nervous system is a pleasant side effect.

Festival Locations:

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