As a child, Shaggy could feel subconsciously that he was destine to be a lightworker or a facilitator of some sort. day through a powerful partnered meditation, a window to a past life was revealed. Shaggs lookin in to a different world, he sat as a Native American medicine man in a grassy meadow by a stream, kneeling down helping a young woman with energetic touch and herbs.. this was very calming experience for him since he had always felt a deep connection with the Native American ways and plant medicine but largely just nature itself, mother earth and her subtle cues..

After narrowly avoiding death in a bicycle accident and out of need for self healing and body awareness, Shaggy enrolled in the next class to start (..a week later!) at Santa Barbara Body Therapy institute.. his life path changed for the better with a passion for healing as the guiding light. takes healing on all levels for any beings! Healing earth as one organism, at whatever level is needed!

Whether on a physical or spiritual plane, the answer is simply,



  • Craniosacral
  • General Massage & Bodywork
  • Medical Qi-Gong

Healing Description

I find that a gentle hand of assistance is best, to help nudge the body and maybe recall what a previously healthier form felt like. Each session is drastically different, tailored to the needs of each soul, with varying degrees of physical and energetic work.

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