Unity Grace

Unity Grace is an avid explorer of life, gifted empath, oracle, skilled communicator, networker, bridge builder and passionate ascension coach, dedicated to humanity’s reclamation of our true energetic sovereignty, activation of our multidimensionality, and the restoration of our true birth right, back into the cosmic akash, tree of life, inspiring all beings to live the lives of their dreams!

The natural world has been her greatest guide, and she has traveled the world extensively working with the grids & leylines of the earth. She focuses her time on building earth mandalas and laying prayers for water. She has been asked by various indigenous people to carry their sacred bundles along the song lines, and embodies the sacred wisdom of star knowledge and the portal keepers.

She envisions a world of global peace, balance, abundance and harmony for all life, supporting empowerment through play & connecting with water.


  • Soul/Spirit Energywork

Healing Description

my nature is oracle so i have the capacity to read people’s energy fields
and in doing so i help people see the small details in their lives where they may be getting stumped, as well as showing them the big picture view

i also teach people how to reprogram their unconscious mind so they can live a life of their dreams!


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