Welcome to Courseweek


As we step past the Crossroads, we wonder... were we fooled to believe there were only two possible paths, or do we still remember our infinite potential, our powerful choice in every moment, and the collective vision of healing communities, made up of healing families, on a healing planet? The world continues to change, and times ahead will demand new skills, new ways of being, new sources of inspiration. A few brave souls are answering the call, seeking growth, expansion, and learning. Will you join them?

Mark your calendars for April 3 thru 5, 2017. For these 3 days, during Lucidity Festival build week, The Lucid University will provide 3-day intensives: dynamic courses designed to offer immersive educational experiences, resulting in LU Certifications of Completion. You have an opportunity to participate in courses in one of the 6 areas of study:

  1. SpiritWorks
  2. CommunityWorks
  3. EcologyWorks
  4. CreativeWorks
  5. BodyWorks
  6. InnovationWorks

We have built a strong 4-year track record of rich offerings within the Lucid University, both at our April festival and around Santa Barbara throughout the calendar year. This CourseWeek is a rare opportunity to learn from experts in an exciting environment, alive with the buzz and anticipation of imminent festivities.

Come for the Classes, Stay for the Festival

Included in their tuition of $366*, students will receive:

  • 3 days of instruction in the course of their choosing
  • 3 meals per day for 3 days of instruction (April 3-5) (Valued at $89)
  • Earliest arrival possible for festival (valued at $57)

(Festival Passes, Car Camping or RV pass sold separately)


Get the Full Lucid Experience Bundle, and for just $599 you'll get a CourseWeek seat, a 3 day festival pass, AND a mindful feeding meal plan during the festival in addition to food during CourseWeek! That's savings of over $90.

*A limited number of CourseWeek Scholarships are also availble. Apply here!

Awaken knowledge. Engage learning. Emerge Transformed.

Dream Council


Join Emakhet Uru for this SpiritWorks Intensive. Inspiring creativity, healing, and community connection through the language and culture of the dreamtime as we deepen into dream recall, interpretation, incubation and council process.

Regenerative Community Building


Join Numundo for this CommunityWorks Intensive. Community is often the “invisible” foundation needed for planetary change, and integral to the process of community building is the work of cultivating regenerative relationships.

Ayurvedic Herbalism


Join Tyler Wauters of The Hawthorn Institute for this EcologyWorks Intensive. Explore the elemental relationships that connect us to all living organisms as we learn how to see ourselves and nature through the lens of Ayurveda, bringing the concepts of elements, qualities, and doshas into our daily lives.

Designing and Building with Bamboo


Join Gerard Minakawa of Bamboo DNA for this InnovationWorks Intensive. Minakawa will share his inspiration for creating innovative spaces and a practical livelihood from the world’s most gigantic grass: Bamboo!

Creating Your Personal Mythology


Join Dave Zaboski and the Art Temple for this CreativeWorks Intensive. Be guided on a journey of discovery by time-travelling through all six years of the Lucidity Mythos as you create your own personal mythology.

Ecstatic Flow Arts: Movement & Power


Join Michael Ravenwood and Skyfire Arts for this BodyWorks Intensive. Michael wields 10 foot arcs of high voltage electricity as a Tesla coil performance artist, and he is offering you access to a much greater power through this course.