Paying tribute to musical heroes such as progressive hip hop acts like A Tribe Called Quest and the raw energy of the Beastie Boys, EVeryman’s original rhymes and infectious energy will excite. Making his debut at the King King in Hollywood, he wowed audiences by his seamless ability to freestyle over an assortment of different music genres, from classic drum and bass to booming breakbeats and dubstep.

Recent projects have included hosting the monthly, “Big Bass All-Star Variety Show,” from The Good Vibe and at the Burning Man after-party, LA Decompression for the esteemed Dirty Beetles and Camp Charlie. Shambahla, Coachella, Snowglobe, EDC, and Lightning In a Bottle have all seen EVeryman rocking the Main Stages.

You can regularly find him performing alongside notable Los Angeles DJ’s and Producers such as: Headtron’s Sugarpill, Russ Liquid and jOBOT, Stephan Jacobs, and GoldRush, along with Lou E. Bagels and J-Labs (of The Black 22‘s), Scuzzy, Nico Luminous, The Funk Hunters, Fort Knox 5, Orphic, Abstract Rude and Myka9, Dubvirus, WALA, Timothy Wisdom, Stylust Beats, Kiran Notez, Little John, Cringer and many more. 

Recently he has been seen performing with Dub FX on the streets of New York City. He has taken over the stages at iconic venues like The Airliner, Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club in Santa Monica, CA, and major music festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, where in 2012 he made his debut on the Woogie stage alongside crowd favorite, Nick ‘Pumpkin’ Alvarado.

You have also seen him performing at such music festivals as: Coachella, Shambhala, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, Astral Harvest, Source, Firefly, Sonic Bloom, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Ignite, Symbiosis, Serenity, and many more…

EVeryman has found a true kindred spirit in Alvarado, and after the two collaborated on the hit single ‘Good Day,’ for Pumpkin’s debut ‘Love Letters’ EP, the duo released the popular, ‘EVery Summer’ mixtape, which spawned their new hip hop group Little Giants, an inspired throwback to the vintage beats the pair grew up on. Little Giants released their debut album, ‘Don’t Quit’ in the Winter of 2013. EVeryman’s solo album, ‘Speak The Speech,’ was released in the summer of 2013. The album features track collaborations and production by Goldrush, Stephan Jacobs, The Service Lab, BSTEE, Connect The Dots, and Sugarpill 

While many MCs merely chase fame, EVeryman always puts the music first and aims to connect with audiences through positivity rather than sticking with the status quo.


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