After meeting at the Tipper set at Lucidity Festival 2014, Ahee & Ash Tree began their adventure together.  After Burning Man 2015, Ahee & Ash began writing uplifting electronica/bass music inspired tunes together. This project turned into Heartwurkz and they started a new journey performing together at local events in Southern California.  Then they were invited to play at larger camps at Burning Man 2016.  They continue to evolve their sound, incorporating live vocals with highly crafted beats that get the dance floor going. AHEE is the production and rhythmic wizard behind the music, and Ash Tree brings harmonies and lead vocals to the table. Music is their way of uniting and bridging their wildest dreams and prayers into reality (and dance while we do so!). They weave together silliness and truthfulness to create a tapestry of A Sound You’ve Never Heard Before.


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