Radio Skies

Not to be missed, Radio Skies is an emerging Electro/Psych Americana group out of Ojai, CA.  Inspired by the songwriting of Paul Simon, the electronic landscapes of Brian Eno and the exploratory spirit of the Grateful Dead, Radio Skies “takes you on a trip out of your natural state and gives you the motivation to prove to yourself that you are brave enough to conquer your fears, ambitions, and aspirations.” -Patrick Grabowski (Tune Collective)  

As a die-hard cult following continues to emerge, fans are showing up to discover unique sets, new songs and new friends.

The rhythm section features organic-electronic beats and dreamscapes created by keyboardist/DJ Oliver “Oliwa” Newell (He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister) paired with the the raw rock drumming of Erin “Syd” Sidney (Mia Dyson).  Eric Sullivan (Lissie), never disappoints on lead guitar often reaching spiritual heights.

Up front, Daniel Wright’s deeply personal songwriting and haunting voice are matched by harmonies from life long friend and bassist Ethan Glazer, a welcome reunion for fans of beloved Bay Area trio Song Preservation Society.  

Stay tuned for Radio Skies first full length record “Double Life” coming June 2017.


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