Abbie Mae

Abbie Mae is an aerial silk artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Abbie began learning aerial silks in 2013 and has been passionate for the circus arts ever since. As a child, Abbie was a competitive gymnast for 8 years. In her late teens she began dancing with hula hoops as well as fire hoops and not long after that she was introduced to the festival community. Abbie saw her first aerial performance in 2012 at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival, she will never forget the feeling of watching the aerialist on stage and being so mesmerized and inspired. Abbie wishes nothing more than to give that same feeling to her audiences. She expresses passion and power in her performances, and has the intention to ignite the firey passion in all of us, to try something new, and to push ourselves to express a reflection of our hearts. Abbie believes that there is nothing more empowering than accomplishing something you never thought you could do. Abbie Mae currently trains at the Radical Movement Factory and Aerial Arts, in Santa Cruz CA


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