Adrian Lobo

A magician of movement and wizard of dance, Adrian Lobo’s performance art leaves audiences enchanted and transformed. He gracefully weaves Urban Street Dance with Martial arts, Ancient Dance Styles, and Sacred Movement into a unique form he has created.  Lobo utilizes his gift of dance to become a vessel for a higher power, transmuting the energy of the crowd and environment into healing & inspiration to all who watch. Adrian Lobo began dancing in the underground street dance world of Los Angeles where he studied with the worlds best Street dancers. He achieved much success in dance competitions, having won 1st place in over 20 tournaments internationally.

Adrian lobo has been featured on Jon M. Chu’s online dance series “The League of Extraordinary Dancers”. He toured with the international dance company Cie 13 and performed all across Europe including Belgium, France, Norway, and Denmark.
Lobo also has a passion for teaching and has taught workshops with 100’s of students all across the world.

He also has performed and taught workshops at many Festivals including Burning Man, Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Arise Festival, Lucidity, Firefly Gathering, Gem and Jam, Serenity Gathering, and Sedona Yoga Festival.

Dance is the original language of mankind and through it Adrian Lobo seeks to tell stories of our Ancient Mythos, reminding us of our beauty, greatness, and Divine nature. The Stage is his altar, the performance a ceremony, the crowd it’s participants, and his expression a prayer for the awakening and empowerment of all people.


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