Flow Dragon

Flow Dragon is a fire performer and flow arts teacher living in Southern California. His vision is to bring the highest caliber performances possible to stages for an unparalleled visual feast of fire and dance. His experience includes multiple Burning Man conclaves, international bookings to Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. His festival experience includes multiple Fire Drums, Pacific Fire Gathering, MOPS, Ignight, Pyrotrainia and Universal Flow.

Perhaps most notably he was part of LiB’s fire arts team this year and helped facilitate their first ever open fire circle. This was a significant accomplishment in providing an open, welcoming, and safe environment for many first time fire spinners and aspiring performers to test their skills. The experience showed him what is required to curate a space for thousands of potential spinners with limited resources and staff. This open forum for anyone to come and participate in the fire circle was nothing short of a dream come true for a lifelong supporter of the performing arts.

It is with this sense of service to the arts in mind that he offers all of his experience, skill, professionalism, and love to one of California’s most beloved festivals, the one and only Lucidity.


Festival Locations:

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