Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz journey began in Santa Barbara, California. He was on the stage from a young age of 10 in a theatrical setting and working backstage. His training in Dance (ballet, jazz contemporary, hip-hop, break dancing, and Popping), Aerial (silks, lyra, hammock, trapeze, corde et lisse, and specialty apparatus), and Acrobatics (parkour, free running, tricking, gymnastics, hand balancing, and partner-acro) didn’t start until the past four years of his life. He continually enjoys exploring new movement and is equally passionate for each form of movement.

He’s trained across Santa Barbara, La, and New York at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara Dance Arts, Elevated Dreams, and Millennium Dance Complex. The main influences, on his movement have been from, Autumn Philips, Tracy Kofford, Meredith Cabannis, and Tamar Pual. He has worked and performed with Selah Dance Collective (3 years), Elevated dreams (1 year), The Dancing Fire and various other companies from LA to New York. He’s also worked in association with the the Teddy Bear Foundation, Dream Foundation, Loa Tree, and other NPO’s. He is working to go on tour in the near future and continually enjoys sharing the light of his performance with others. Performing at venues like Granada, Center Stage, Trascallion, Lucidity (2016), private clubs and commercials.

Jeff’s uses his movement to try and give people aspiration for a greater self, experience new and mind opening ideas, and bringing affordable movement education to all peoples.


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