Kalina Stork

Kalina Stork began her aerial career with Autumn Philipps at the age of 11 years old and since then has been training at Fishbon Pescadrome as an aerialist for 7 years. She has also been dancing in styles such as jazz and contemporary since she was 8. Her passion for aerial shines during her intensive training and during her time on stage in front of a variety of audiences. Kalina has found her calling to be an aerialist through her love for silks and lyra, both of which she trains daily.

She has worked with talented aerialists at numerous studios across the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles area, but has continuously been taught and mentored by Autumn Phillips. As a dedicated member of Autumn’s aerial performance company, Elevated Dreams Aerial Performances, Kalina has had the opportunity to share her creative art with organizations like the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, the Dream Foundation, BASSH, Loa Tree, Santa Barbara Young Professionals Association, Four Sisters Vineyard, Lucidity 2015 and 2016, and many more. In the past year, Kalina brought her talents to new heights as she continues to rigorously train solo and duo routines and has been blessed to perform for companies such as Universal Studies and Snapchat through Zen Arts.

Kalina’s intention is to inspire others through movement and music, as well as to evoke creativity within herself each time she steps in front an audience.


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