Lei Lei de Kirby

Lei Lei de Kirby is a professional aerialist and yoga instructor. As an aerialist, Lei Lei has performed at exclusive events, such as Grammy afterparties and private galas. She has performed with internationally recognized artists, including Puff Daddy, Chris Brown, and Snoop Dogg, as well as indie artists like The Polish Ambassador and Dimond Saints. Lei Lei is also a certified yoga teacher with advanced training. She has taught yoga and meditation at studios, festivals and high profile events such as Summit at Sea, and has coordinated the yoga programs of festivals throughout California and internationally. She is the founder of Levity Aerial Yoga, an aerial yoga company that travels with workshops and teacher trainings, with locations in LA, Hawaii and Vegas. Lei Lei draws on a lifetime of experience in dance, having earned her BA in Dance from San Francisco State University. As her students or anyone who has seen her perform will tell you, Lei Lei can’t help but radiate her love for embodied expression, whatever form it takes.


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