Malcom and Kalina

Kalina Stork and Malcom McCarthy have been training together for 4 years in aerial, adagio, hand balancing, and dance. Individually, Malcom began ballet at the age of 6 and aerial at the age of 8 and Kalina began dancing also at 6 years old and aerial at the age of 11. They train together with Autumn Phillips at Fishbon in Santa Barbara as well as with numerous other world-renowned aerialists. Beginning their partnership on silks, they have found a love for many other apparatuses such as trapeze and spanset. They also train hand balancing and acro daily together and continue to build on their knowledge of skills. As a duo, they have performed for Snapchat, Universal Studios, the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, the Just Imagine it Foundation, Four Sisters Ranch Vineyards, Zen Arts, and many more. Their goal as performers is to tell a story through creative movement and partnership, while also finding balance within themselves.


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