Tina Phoenix

Performing since age 11, Tina is a versatile circus artist, aerialist, contortionist, snake charmer and fire performer and has performed with big top traditional circuses such as the Giant 3 Ring Circus Gatti, as well as internationally with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean International. She has been a professional in the Cirque entertainment industry since 2008 and has numerous public appearances at live music and arts festivals around the world such as Coachella (USA), WOMAD (New Zealand), Rainbow Serpant (Australia), WonderFruit Festival (Thailand), Envision Festival (Costa Rica) and Shambhala (Canada) to name a few. She has performed lucrative in  the commercial entertainment industry and creates live performances for T.V., commercials, films, music videos, nightclubs, concerts, street theatres, weddings, birthday parties, barmizvahs, corporate events and contemporary stage shows both nationally and internationally. She is based in L.A. but with a gypsy spirit.

Complementing her circus repertoire, she has 8 years of technical competitive dance training combined with 10 years of professional circus training & performance experience. She is a highly memorable entertainer performing high flying, dropping, spinning and daring acrobatic aerial feats on multiple apparatuses both solo & duos.  Intertwining and bending bodies involving strength, incredible contortion trained flexibility, serenading musicality, and choreography that mesmerizes the crowd.

Tina is also the FIRST cirque performer to create and debate an act where fire tools are attached at the legs for her daring Fire Contortion act created on the shores of New Zealand and debuted in America in 2013.


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