Branches Mobile Gallery

Interior of Branches Mobile Gallery at Lucidity Festival

Branches Mobile Gallery returns to showcase another once in a lifetime collection of world class fine art to the Lucidity community. We’re excited to be featured once again as a central offering of the Lucid City.

We are deeply inspired by this year’s Eudaimonia theme and strive to curate a fresh, multi-genre collection of fine art.  The gallery will showcase artists peering into futures they wish to co-create, each work a unique lens of perception subjectively interpreting our collective experience.  Some works will certainly focus on optimism and beauty while others are sure to explore a wide variety of visions and complex emotions.

We invite you to explore an expansive gallery of powerful art and hope you will open your heart to these reflections of the divine.

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Lucidity Festival

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Lucid City