Dusty Barrel

The Dusty Barrel is back to round out our 6 year story! All are welcome, any time, any feelings, come play, think, dream, escape from technology in our old west camp town. This space is for all of us, and offers a welcoming interactive zone that steps away from electronic sounds and invites us to be creative ‘kids’ again.

Find our daily posted schedule to join in on group games, art workshops, music, and spontaneous silly fun. Our ranch is your ranch, and there are always games to play, spaces to chill, and often open (acoustic) opportunities to express your thoughts, music, poetry or whatever you want to share. Come on by, take a load off, disconnect to connect, we are all more beautiful together, lets make some memorable magic!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Rustic Dirt Works

This environment can be found in:

Trixsters’ Playground