The Fishbon arts collective has been an essential player in the Lucidity Festival organization from Year One, bringing in speakers on the intersection of arts and technology, plus providing irreverent and entertaining theatrical performances such as Déja Voodoo and Not Without My Chlamydia.

This year, Fishbon is once again building The Study – a workshop space built for Lucid University, which will be taken over by Fishbon and its affiliates for late-night entertainment. Just outside, the infamous Pyrobar docks alongside the Proscenium – a visually-arresting stage upon which multiple talks, interactive events and satiric performances will occur, such as the musical production Rainbow Brite and the Great Rehab Adventure and the grand spectacle of The Lucid-Olympic Games. Don’t miss the greatest attractions after midnight!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Fishbon Arts and Science Collaborative

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Lucid University



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