Heaven on New Earth

Heaven On New Earth is a vibrational frequency field that you (WE) HONE…

Heaven On New Earth is being designed as a village like theme camp for the new earth star tribe & soul family to come chill, nourish, dance, and co-create in the Unified Field… our divine playground of natural bliss consciousness!!

We will be providing a vast little array of Soul-Full Spectrum Nourishment… visually and vibrationally…

‘Ascensional Alchemy’ & ‘Goddess Bliss’ will be sharing high vibe superfood yummies, liquid crystalline cuisine, nutritional alchemical awesomesauce, next level health knowledge, and aroma alchemy at its finest!

The Crystalline Coherence Collective will setting a coherent field with crystal grids, alters, energetic attunements, deep and light bodyworkz, and divine alignments!!

And there will certainly be plenty of multidimensional musical mastery in effect… heart and soul song circles, medicine music, jams, and deeeeep space funk by the Psyon DJs!!!

Heaven On New Earth is a space to play with what the resonance of this theme means and feels like for YOU… for US… as an awakened lucid dream team family of eternal LOVERS of the ONE HEART…

So come in and HONE it with us ;))

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Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

New Earth Star Tribe + Crystalline Coherence Collective + Psyon + Ascensional Alchemy + Goddess Bliss

This environment can be found in:

Warriors Way