The Kids Mushroom Village

The mushroom village is designed for young children to build with Cobb, stones and sticks on a phoenix shaped platform table. Ray Cirino, the kiddos and his team  will go through the festival and collect trash and parts for the village. As they clean up the space they will build a structure based on permaculture. Mushroom village will demonstrate how water can be stored and managed as well as how children can build a sustainable city. Each child will have their own space to work from and bring their piece of the city to life. When the city is disassembled at the end of the event, the kids will take the seed filled pieces into their communities for launch! Other fun offerings in this space include “Seed Mandalas & Seed Balls by Sara Sita Shutman and a special appearance from his Rays loyal Dragon.  

Find this Themed Camp as you venture into Family Garden Village near the Sacred Temple.

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