Ancestral Arts

Lucidity’s Ancestral Arts programming is designed to bring cultural wisdom and traditions into a shared sacred space for deep listening and learning to occur. Through our Council For Peace project, Lucidity brings together Indigenous elders and wisdom keepers from various cultures and faiths around the world, in an effort to learn from our collective past and present, in order to move into a collaborative, well-informed, harmonious future for the benefit of all Life on our Mother Earth.

At the forefront of our intention is an honoring of all indigenous and First Peoples of the world – calling forth the collective wisdom and practices contained within the many thriving and sometimes lost or secret traditions still available to us today. We create a foundation for our event and this particular platform in close collaboration with our Chumash friends from Kalawashag’ Village – who are the First People of this land where Lucidity is held. We also invite representatives from across Turtle Island and the rest of the globe; South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe to share in their knowledge and unique cultural context.

As we continue to forge alliances, we encourage education and appreciation of our cultural differences. We believe that working together from our diverse perspectives, allows us to honor each other’s histories and ancestors – creating the safe, sacred space necessary to bring us back into a natural state of healthy and symbiotic relationship with the planet and each other.

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