Lucidity Intention Tree

The sacred oak we know as the Intention Tree, invites us into a bridge between worlds during our festival stay. Whether it be a quick personal moment of silence, or a longer contemplation with a partner or loved ones – there is powerful magic in setting intention. Reflecting upon our goals and desires allows us to envibe them with mental focus and creative visualization; aligning with and channeling the all-possible, all-powerful, all-knowing Universe to meet with our objectives for the Highest Good of all beings. When we speak our purest intentions aloud, we create a vibratory field that reinforces our mental and emotional energies, activating our intentions at a higher frequency. Sharing our intentions are yet another potent way to infuse our aims with collective spiritual acuity; the more minds and hearts that center on shared hopes and dreams, the quicker they manifest in very real ways.

Lucidity Festival’s intention begins with asking permission of the land and elemental spirits, our ancestors, and the First People of Kalawashag’ – who have been stewards of these lands for thousands of years. It is further, to create a safe, sacred, and playful environment for the opportunity to spark conscious awareness, expand consciousness, inspire spiritual transformation, and spur both personal and collective social advancement. As we continue to build bridges and relationships with all people, we are constantly reminded of the importance of listening deeply to the Universe around us; honoring each in the other, and transparently expressing our intentions while aligning them with positive action.

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Lucidity Festival

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