Natural Leaders Foundation

The Natural Leaders Foundation provides global communities tools,opportunities and experiences through a variety of programs intended to support kids learning, growing and flourishing in their environment, thus inspiring “Natural Leaders” that transform our world, that “beautify our lives”. For the past eight years the team has donated their time,energy and love to provide experiences for youth that empower them to cultivate a healthy lifestyle,gain confidence in themselves and each other, and truly become the Natural Leaders of their communities. Providing the safe container for this at many Transformational events, traveling to the DAPL to support the Water Protector children, participating in Permaculture Action Days with Inner City youth or creating the Clu Network for children, Jon “Gorilla Blue Jay” and his team pave the road for our children to be successful and happy.

Join Natural Leaders in the Family Parade on Sunday at 1:11pm!

FInd this epic themed camp in the heart of Family Garden.

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Natural Leaders Foundation

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