Sacred Fire / Drum Circle

Fire is held sacred by nearly every culture since time immemorial. From the First People of Turtle Island (North America), the Africas, and Proto-Indo-Aryan-Europeans – we see the sacredness of the hearth-fire before this last civilization divided into today’s Russian, South Asian, Indian, Iranian, and European cultures. It is natural to revere fire, for it is one of the primal elements of nature. In modern terms, it is “plasma”, one of the four states of matter; and it is one of the things which makes civilization possible. Fire drives away the cold and wild beasts, allows us to cook foods, burns away trash and uncleanness, sheds light in the darkness, serves as a beacon to travellers, and promotes social engagement around the hearth. Fire is light, warmth, and energy!

Along with these practical gifts of Fire, it is seen as the vehicle for expediting our offerings to God/Source/Creator. Its purifying properties are extended into the metaphysical realm, as illuminating consciousness; igniting enLIGHTenment. Fire is a primal, unifying force uniting the Divine with all Life. This space is our modern Fire Temple – where our fire tenders hold a sacred container for offerings, prayers, drum circle, and story telling. Story telling around the sacred fire at Lucidity brings us back to the hearth; where history, wisdom, and traditions are shared through a collective experience in verbal transmission that can sometimes be lost in today’s technological age. We invite you to return to the fire! Sacred fire will be lit Thursday evening and run through Sunday morning.

The Sacred Fire / Drum Circle is located in the Tri-Hamlet Zone, the apex where villages Healing Sanctuary, Goddess Grove and Trixters’ Playground meet.

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Lucidity Festival

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Goddess Grove

Healing Sanctuary

Trixsters’ Playground



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