Temple of Benzaiten

Benzaiten is both a Japanese Buddhist and Shinto goddess that originated from her Hindu counterpart Saraswati; known for overseeing all matters of love, beauty, music, words, water, and things that flow.  She carries a jewel that grants wishes and helped transform a wicked dragon into her divine consort.  She is the ruler of love, music, arts, inspiration, talent, wealth, and romance.  

In this temple dedicated to arts and knowledge, one will find workshops centered on creativity, personal and partnership empowerment, balancing principals in gender alchemy, exploring boundaries and discussing consent, as well as learning music and talent elements from booked Lucidity artists.  Be assisted by the spirit of the Jaguar, the totem animal of the Goddess Grove.  She symbolizes power, agility, confidence, and focus with an elegant bearing; both graceful and beautiful.  Come discover or dive deeper into the full feminine embodiment of the Goddess.

Benzaiten is a protector-goddess; inviting all to be conscious in the co-creation of this sacred and safe container for exploration into the gentler, and sometimes more vulnerable side of our psyche and spirit. Divine Species are collaborating to create this amazing space to connect, grow, and vibe together.  Enjoy workshops scheduled daily and transition into smooth, deep bassy beats at night.  Be sure to come back in the evenings as the entire Goddess Grove shines bright in the dark!

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Goddess Grove



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