The Mystic Midway

The Mystic Midway presents Goldfire Rising, an immersive Mystical Carnival that invites everyone to step into a storytelling world and raise the Goldfire (in the world of The Mystic Midway, Goldfire refers to the Generative-vibrant current that runs through the social circuitry of all healthy communities generated through altruism, collaboration and participation).

Come explore the strange and wonderful world of The Midway where everyone becomes Sheros and Champions of their own stories!

What authentic mask will you wear to bring out your mystic fire?

Step on our Mythic Stage where you will meet the Midways’ odd characters, engage in Inquiry, meet Goldfire Challenges, work together to solve puzzles and collaborate in creating Goldfire Currency: real paper currency that will enable you to take the Goldfire you discover in The Midway, out into the world!

Through play and the direct experience of our social game, you will learn Real World Tools for becoming a Steward of The Goldfire in your own communities.
You will also share your stories and your wisdom with others to craft collective narratives that solve real world challenges.

Mystic Midway has been exploring methodologies for promoting Conscious Evolution, Collective Consciousness, Social Alchemy and techniques for bringing transformation through creative celebration into the world now for over 20 years and is excited to join the Lucidity Community!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

The Mystic Midway

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Lovers’ Nest