Unicorn Scouts Mission Station

The Unicorn Scouts bring you the Unicorn Mission Station, a club for all ages and all spectrums. Spread whimsy, make magic and have joyous PLAY with these ‘5-minute Unicorn Missions”. The station, run by kids + adults together, invites visitors to let their #unihorn show by completing a quick, random silly mission. Upon completion unicorns earn their temporary #unihorn sparkle tattoo.

SUPERHERO SATURDAY-Are you ready to activate your super powers and let them show?  April 8th, The Unicorn Scouts invite you to make Saturday a day of Superheroes at Lucidity by joining them to create your own magical cape!  After superheroes of all ages paint, draw, sew or sequin their capes, The Unicorn Scouts will take them on a scavenger hunt to fight MOOP, add whimsy and help fellow festival attendees. What happens when a team of superheroes unites? Let’s find out!

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The Unicorn Scouts



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