Warriors’ Way Arena

The Warriors Way Arena is an outdoors workshop stadium, created from natural materials, which focuses on Martial Arts, Yoga, Flow, and Movement. In the Heart of the Warriors Way Village, the Humble Tiger is able to exercise its playful spirit, develop creative muscle memory, and align mind and spirit with intentional action. Relax and rejuvenate with yin yoga, discover or more fully hone the flow art skills, practice brazilian capoeira, and come move with your community through coordinated play or ecstatic dance. Whatever your interest, the Humble Tiger represents strength, vitality, and health. It emboldens a trust in one’s personal power and can also bring about awareness of one’s fears or challenges around anger. Learn to channel your raw power and spontaneity in positive ways that advance your personal growth!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Lucidity Festival

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Warriors Way



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