Family Garden

Friendly Dragon of the Family Garden

Dragon is the great protector and guardian, making it the perfect totem for the Family Garden. Dragon represents the mystical, the supernatural, and the spiritual powers of change and transformation. If Dragon is your spirit animal, you’re very open-minded and accepting of other’s paths and of new possibilities. Dragon supports you in being enthusiastic and carrying a contagious vitality. Above all, we love the Courage we see in the children who embrace the Dragon as their Lucidity totem.

Archetypal Essence

One of the core intentions of Lucidity Festival is personal growth and transformation while building community, and where better to begin than with our children…shaping tomorrow from the root up! ‘Family’ as a value and as an essence is absolutely central to the magic that Lucidity stands for. We believe that the Familial bonds that bind us hold a seed of healing for the planet. Family is that friendly familiar and fun place where we are Home.

What to Expect

Family Garden opens the gates for kids of all ages to have an outlet to fully participate and experience the festival in a deeper way. Together, in this open-source setting, we will engage children with workshops, playshops, art, music, dance and food, enabling them to feel like a part of the festival rather than just being along for the ride with their parents. With treats for everyone in your tribe, like music you can’t help but dance to, body painting, activating your super power or setting the tone with a morning drum circle, all are sure to enjoy the vibe. Everyone is invited to join in the “Grande Finale Parade” on Sunday where we intend on remembering our dreams and waking up to their beauty, as ONE family.

IMPORTANT: Family Garden Car Camping is FULL!

Please check these villages for additional space. For more information on available space in other areas, check the Facebook pages for the rest of the Lucidity Villages:

Goddess Grove
Healers’ Sanctuary
Nomads’ Nook
Trixsters’ Playground
Warriors’ Way
Lovers’ Nest

Visit and participate on our official event page as well.

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These Environments can be found in this village:

  • Fairies Hollow

    In a nearby, faraway land…a magic circle lives.

    With children’s hearts and minds activated…together we manifest our truest intentions for each other and the universe through play in this sacred space.

  • Phamily Lair

    Phamily Lair is the central environment of the Friendly Dragon; home to family workshops, performances, and activities. The Dragon totem represents transformation at its core.

  • 9 Energies

    9 Energies – Activate your Cosmic Being. Through a gentle physical experience 9 Energies will identify your Natural Energy. Your body provides one of 9 physiologically different manifestations of the human experience.

  • Cosmic Cove

    Cosmic cove tie dye workshop for kids is a fun and creative space that provides the participants with all the tools and materials to create their own tie dyes, with hands on support and experienced dyers to help walk each individual through the project of their choice.

  • The Riley Rainbow Family Circus

    Visit The Riley Rainbow Family Circus Camp to discover how a Family of 7 lives on the road together in their tiny Gypsy Wagon.

  • The Kids Mushroom Village

    The mushroom village is designed for young children to build with Cobb, stones and sticks on a phoenix shaped platform table.

  • OG Fam

    OG Fam is hosted by Off Grid Fam! Join our Listening Lounge that will host surprise performances and herbal teas for your sipping pleasure. Jam sessions, spoken word, and chilling to soulection!

  • Natural Leaders Foundation

    We weave teamwork and leadership, affirmations, health & wellness to create a fun and profound once-in-a-lifetime experience for children, families and community.

  • Puppets for the People

    Robby Robbins and his happy band of puppeteers are thrilled to be included in this 6th chapter of the Lucidity adventure.