Goddess Grove

Vivacious Jaguars of the Goddess Grove

The Jaguar is the symbol of the untamed feminine, the moon, and water. This totem awakens greater assertion of the feminine in all her aspects: child, virgin, lover,seductress, mother, creatrix, huntress, destroyer, warrior, priestess, and wise women. When the Jaguar is your totem, it awakens your inner passions in unbridled expressions of base powers and instincts, while reflecting the awakening of the kundalini, signaling a time of coming into one’s own power.

Archetypal Essence

The Goddess is here to remind us of the divine essence of Unconditional Love expressed through the feminine aspects of grace, beauty, gentleness, strength and aligned power. The Goddess is manifesting in this earthly realm now through the human female who has awakened to her true nature, but as an archetypal expression of feminine energy, she exists as the seed of creativity within each of us regardless of our gender or sexual identity. Consider what it feels like to have compassion and empathy for all beings. Embody the strength, courage, and creativity of your divine feminine and share these gifts with those who you love.

What to Expect

The Goddess Grove explores all aspects of the Goddess within us, the light, the dark and the transforming. It’s a space that encourages you to embody the strength, courage, and compassion of your Divine Feminine. There the Goddess thrives, and your comfort zones are safely tested and expanded as we draw from the community of women around us. The Grove is a place for secret treasures, words, acts, dance, and the boundless fire of the creative spirit.

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These Environments can be found in this village:

  • Temple of Benzaiten

    Benzaiten is both a Japanese Buddhist and Shinto goddess that originated from her Hindu counterpart Saraswati; known for overseeing all matters of love, beauty, music, words, water, and things that flow.

  • Sacred Fire / Drum Circle

    Fire is held sacred by nearly every culture since time immemorial. From the First People of Turtle Island (North America), the Africas, and Proto-Indo-Aryan-Europeans – we see the sacredness of the hearth-fire before this last civilization divided into today’s Russian, South Asian, Indian, Iranian, and European cultures.

  • Divine Species

    The Divine Species theme camp holds space for a diverse set of activities such as workshops, classes, performances, music, and fun areas to gather and collaborate.

  • Our Red Tent

    Our Red Tent is a space for the nurturance of the Divine Feminine, within everyone and everything. Gather with us to pray, play, dance, scream, unravel, and celebrate in devotion to She.

  • LucidiTEA Temple

    LucidiTEA Temple provides a collaborative tea house with many of your festival favorites! Sponsored by BlissWay Inc, and in collaboration with Quan Yin, Mojo Dojo, ImmodesTea, and Ronjon Tea Time!

  • Fire and Flow

    Fire & Flows team of professionals are experienced at hosting events with EDM paired with performers of movement arts such as fire/prop dancing, contact dance, yoga, martial arts as well as holding sacred space.

  • Mystic Body & Sol Body Shop

    Mystic Body & Sol Body Shop is an opportunity for members of Goddess Grove to shower love, healing, and art on the people who camp in that area or choose to visit.

  • LeafyGreen Art Glass

    Leafy captures unique mandalas within the flower of life’s structure, creating designs inspired by & reminiscent of sacred geometry and fractals.