Healing Sanctuary

Wise Owl of the Healers’ Sanctuary

The Wise Owl wears the crown of Wisdom. Just as the owl’s sight can peer through the darkness – owl medicine can reveal the unseen. If we allow ourselves to step back from our limited egoic perspective we can see from a birdseye view. The owl is known as the harbinger of change; if not the initiator, then certainly the messenger. Sight without seeing, flight in the night, messages from beyond, dreamsense and magic, all make owl a powerful ally. Use its medicine carefully and with the most positive intentions.

Archetypal Essence

The Healer is the ultimate space holder, first for self which allows for the space of others. Healing comes from within – The Healer understands this, and creates within herself a clear channel to support the highest Alignment with Spirit. True healing is an individual experience. Allow The Healer to guide you toward unlocking your own secrets of transformation. When you step into your inner Healer you are emanating and radiating your connection to source. You are aligning it with the wholeness, power, and magnificence of perfect harmony and balance, and transmitting it to all receptor sites of love.

What to Expect

The Healing Sanctuary is a place to be healed, to be rejuvenated, and reminded of the brilliance of the diamond that sits in your pocket. This haven for healers offers many modalities including massage, reiki, sound healing, intuitive council, tarot, yoga and movement practices, essential oil therapy, and so much more. Come to revive, to renew, and to reconnect.

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These Environments can be found in this village:

  • I AM Healing

    I AM HEALING returns as the I AM Healing Sanctuary! Amidst the stalwart bamboo poles and colorful swatches of flowing lycra, one will find a peaceful and meditative space for rest and rejuvenation.

  • Wise Owl Collabortorium

    This year’s Wise Owl Collabortorium unites all the sacred elements within the Healing Sanctuary; from practical healing wisdom and experiential workshops to sound healing and collective ritual.

  • Sacred Fire / Drum Circle

    Fire is held sacred by nearly every culture since time immemorial. From the First People of Turtle Island (North America), the Africas, and Proto-Indo-Aryan-Europeans – we see the sacredness of the hearth-fire before this last civilization divided into today’s Russian, South Asian, Indian, Iranian, and European cultures.

  • LucidiTEA Temple

    LucidiTEA Temple provides a collaborative tea house with many of your festival favorites! Sponsored by BlissWay Inc, and in collaboration with Quan Yin, Mojo Dojo, ImmodesTea, and Ronjon Tea Time!

  • The Wizard’s Hub

    Essential Oil Wizardry is at it again this year! EOW will be creating an immersive environment with all sorts of magick and love.

  • LeafyGreen Art Glass

    Leafy captures unique mandalas within the flower of life’s structure, creating designs inspired by & reminiscent of sacred geometry and fractals.

  • Mer Ka Ba Lounge

    The Mer Ka Ba Lounge utilizes a combination of light and sound therapies to create an atmosphere that promotes both physical and ethereal wellness.