Lovers’ Nest

Loving Doves of the Lovers’ Nest

Embodying the benevolent Dove, Lovers Nest is a village of mindfulness and grace, invoking the feminine power of giving, the prophecy and new beginnings. We are the way of Love, gentleness, new ideas, purity, peace, family values, and friendship. We hold a centered calmness, tranquility, support, assistance, and create new relationships. We find peaceful transition from difficulty opportunities for transformation through our sexual energy, intimate relationships and creativity.

Archetypal Essence

As Lovers we honor all our relations and We are blessed by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and travel. In Buddhist and Vedic culture, Mercury is the deity of Buddha, the Enlightened One. Bless our travels to reunite us with our gifts and our true nature. Lovers of life, lovers of passion, lovers of creative expression, lovers of Truth. Love is the highest frequency, and will always win! Always, and in All Ways.

What to Expect

The Lover’s Nest is always warm and snuggly. It is a place to find rest and respite and fill your cup, with Love, and with delicious teas and elixirs. We welcome you to heart centered music and wisdom, ritual of song, yummy treats, cuddle puddles, ceremony and even the occasional silly-mony. We invite you to share your gifts and transform through Love.

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