Lucid University

The Lucid University is Lucidity Festivals education platform for sharing a variety of subject matter during the festival through workshop and presentation.  It is also the venue for our Course Week classes, held during build week.  The main campus is located in the Lucid City and contains The Study, Permaculture Hub, Art Temple, Movement Lab, as well as our Community Networking Hub.  The Study is our main presentation space, allowing for multi-media presentations. The Permaculture Hub is the container for a range sustainability, ecological, and social design workshops. The Art Temple provides a center for the development of artistic self-expression.  Our Networking Hub has grown into its own full-time environment, complete with networking boards and tools to connect participants, business owners, change makers, instructors, professionals, and students!  The new Movement Lab is centralized in the campus to bring together yoga, flow, and aerial workshops and play-space.

Our Village annex workshop spaces are spread appropriately throughout the festival.  In Family Garden we have both the Phamily Lair and Fairies Hollow, where family and children playshops are held respectively – of course, children and adults are welcome to both!  Warriors Way hosts experiential workshops in martial arts, dance, and philosophy.  Healing Sanctuary houses content geared toward spirituality, healing, and dream space.  Goddess Grove contains material involving femininity, sacred union, sexuality, dance, and creative spark.  Trixters Playground has become the host of our Ancestral Arts and cultural wisdom sharing workshops, as well as topics that allow us to discuss and transform our archetypal shadow aspects.  We are also excited to be shifting our Sacred Fire and Drum Circle into the bordering lands of Goddess Grove, Healing Sanctuary, and Trixters Playground – Sacred Fire begins our evenings with storytelling, spoken word, and song.

Whether you find yourself in our main campus or called to one of our annex Village Workshop spaces, the Lucid University offers a wide range of educational and experiential material to keep your days lucid and informed.

These Environments can be found in this village:

  • The Study

    The Study is the apex of our festival and educational communities; the heart of the Lucid University.

  • Permaculture Hub

    Our Permaculture Hub returns to the Lucid University in a big way! This is our central location for all things permaculture: workshops, presentations, panel discussions, skill shares, as well as ecological and social activation.

  • Movement Lab

    Our newest addition to the University is the Movement Lab!  This central location is where yoga and flow come together.

  • Art Temple

    Art Temple is Ground Zero for your imagination. Imagine a place where a sultan’s tent meets DaVinci’s workshop, staffed by professional artists, models, musicians and deep creators – all there to support a connection to your own true source.

  • Fishbon

    The Fishbon arts collective has been an essential player in the Lucidity Festival organization from Year One, bringing in speakers on the intersection of arts and technology.