Nomads’ Nook

Wild Monkey of the Nomads’ Nook

Swinging through the trees, the Wild Monkeys know a freedom that we have forgotten in our modern world. Following the beat of their own drum, without responsibilities, dependencies, or agenda, the monkeys blaze their own trail, following the signs and signals of the Universe and inventing new possibilities in their wake.

Archetypal Essence

Renegades? Yes. Vagabond? You know it. Wild? Our middle name. The Nomad archetype embodies an atmosphere of radical self-reliance, while supporting the cultivation of our ever expanding global family in our quest for kin! At these Crossroads we also acknowledge the challenges humanity is facing and believe that there are solutions to be found through efficiency, upcycling, and creative badassery.

What to Expect

Come play and dance your heart out, to 3 days of 24 hour electronic music, stimulate your mind with educational and sustainable workshops, meet fellow travelers in our co-creative theme camps, and play out your wildest dreams!

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