Warriors Way

Humble Tiger of the Warriors’ Way

The humble white Tiger can be peaceful, holding space with is majestic power, and ferocious when it needs to be. A guardian of all that is sacred, the Tiger has no need to flaunt its great skill and cunning. These only emerge when its boundaries are tested. The Tiger reminds us to prepare our minds, hearts, and bodies for anything, while holding ourselves with humility and treating others with respect.

Archetypal Essence

In traditional cultures the Warriors were the protectors, often following a solitary and detached path of intense training and self-cultivation, and forsaking his or her own desires to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Being a Warrior entailed far more than simple physical prowess,as mental and emotional cultivation were equally important in the Warrior’s self-formation.

What to Expect

Our village offers several spaces for the cultivation of the Warrior’s craft. The Warrior’s Arena offers workshops focused on energy awareness and cultivation through tai chi and qi gong, martial arts in the form of Kenpo, and movement through capoeira and dance. Additionally it will host workshops on traditional skills such as sustainable animal harvesting and the awareness of nature, as it is crucial for the Warrior to have an intimate familiarity and respect for the world in which he or she lives.

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These Environments can be found in this village:

  • Blacklight Rainbow Lovin’ Tea Lounge

    The Blacklight Lovin’ Tea Lounge is a place to experience the wonderful world of bright geometric fluorescent art, drink tea, body paint, and meet the community of Lucidity.