Alokananda is a pioneer of the ascension age, offering many gifts and passions where they can be integrated in the heart, grounded in life and applied to the process of self-mastery and planetary service. Known as a healer of healers; Alokananda offers soul guidance, mentoring, business coaching, and multi-dimensional healing for conscious entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, artists & leaders that are here to build lasting legacies of positive change.

A growing thought leader, song writer, speaker and teacher on the subjects of Ascension, community building, wellness, self-mastery, soulful business, sacred relating, native american wisdom and integrative spirituality. With a foundation in Bio-energetics therapy, & multi-dimensional healing; for the last 11 years he has apprenticed under master shamans, healers, and teachers in multiple modalities and lineages undergoing consistent tutelage since 2004 and brings forth an innovative and new paradigm perspective on the balance of the mystical and the functional.

Alokananda is an ambassador on behalf of the heart of oneness and the native earth narrative. A community builder and co-founder of multiple companies, summits, festivals, land projects, retreats & organizations. Aloka continues to support and assist the building of vibrant and empowered community as a visionary entrepreneur and evolutionary catalyst.

Alokananda often tours giving lectures, teaching workshops, retreats, consulting, sharing ceremonies and his music as ALOKA.

He is based on the island of Maui.

Medicine or Calling

I bridge the ancestral realms of spirit and the arch-angelic / ascended master realms, offer dynamic transmissions from the heart of ones to bridge our differences and come back to the sacred hoop of life. I bridge worlds & understandings to help transcend duality amongst the tribes. My calling is to create safe havens for the children that have yet to come, and do this through my music, coaching, healing and ceremonial work.


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