Andrew Ecker

Andrew Ecker of Drumming Sounds born from the Apache born to the Irish was brought to this earth plane as bridge operating in multiple cultural dynamics, this story of bridging people  has been apart of Andrew’s life since being awakened to his process. As a cultural architect Andrew drum circle facilitator and community developer Andrew  has been able to work with many nations, churches, businesses, festivals organizations and Individuals. Some of these groups include The Havasupai Nation , The Navajo Nation, The Hopi Nation, The Yaqui Nation, The Gila River Indian Community, The Tohono O’odham Nation , United States Veterans Administration , City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Baha’i Faith , Phoenix First assembly of God , Neotribal the Gathering, Lucidity Festival, Symbiosis Festival, Mcdowell Mountain Music Festival, Blue Stargate and many more…  Andrew as a sound healer and facilitator has focused mostly on working with hospitals and through this work he has been a presenter at some of the largest and most influential groups in the state of AZ including , The Arizona Senior Center Association, The Arizona Therapeutic Recreation Association, Arizona Activities Coordinators Association, Assisted Living Federation of Arizona,The AZTEC awards and many more

Medicine or Calling

Cultural Architecture. Bridging the ancient technologies with the present contemporary culture.

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