Barbara Bain

Barbara Bain facilitates Community Dream Matrix, individual Dream Work, and conducts presentations on Depth Psychology to reweave the human relationship with dream, vision, and indigenous ways of knowing. She is an enrolled member of the Shasta Indian Nation of Northern California. Her life work centers on bringing human beings back into natural union with dream, vision, and the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World. Barbara is an Ambassador to the Global Dream Initiative and a Certified Dream Tender. She holds an M.S. in Cultural Resource Management, an M.A. in Depth Psychology, a certification in documentary film, and is currently completing her PhD in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is owner and operator of Indigenous Awakening Consulting. Barbara lives with her two sons in Santa Barbara California. To work with her or schedule a presentation contact

Medicine or Calling

I am a dream worker and depth psychologist. My work is bringing the soul into alignment with its destiny and humans back into relationship with dream to mend the tear between the human and non-human worlds.

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