Rabia Hayek

Rabia Hayek travels the globe teaching people how to use their breathing in ways they never have, in order to awaken Life Force like never before.   In 2006, Rabia had a powerful, global vision to unite 1 billion people to consciously breathe together on planet Earth and the online technology, Do As One, that he helped architect continues to be used to unite people in breathing as one at large scale events. He continues to share this power through a modality he calls Life Force Mastery, designed to have you breathing life force to awaken and blossom the highest expression of the superhero inside you and unleash it to the world!

Medicine or Calling

Rabia awakens the power of breathing consciously to greater inspire body, mind and spirit to move as one power. The life force when heightened in someone aspiring for greater awakening, has the potential to become the medicine needed to support an unbroken connection to their highest good.


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